About PCDA

The People and Career Development Association (PCDA) (Singapore) is a community of Career Practitioners and professionals working in different industries, all of whom are passionate about career development, and keen to relate and apply career development to their respective vocations/industries.

PCDA was preceded by the Career Development Interest Group (CDIG). This group, formed in 2017, was the initiative of several ACCDF (Advanced Career Certificate in Career Development Facilitation) alumni who wanted to come together and continue learning after attending the ACCDF course. It attracted a lot of interest even among non- Career Practitioners that the group decided to expand to become an association, and registered it with the Singapore Registry of Societies.

Since its launch as an Association in January 2018, PCDA has attracted many Career Practitioners, HR leaders, practitioners and specialists, educators, trainers, recruiters, line managers / supervisors and others who joined the PCDA membership.  Currently there are also members who do not reside in Singapore, but want to be part of this community, and have kept in touch via social media.


Mission & Vision


PCDA acknowledges that career development is in nascent stage in Singapore, and many people do not understand the purpose and benefits of career development. There is therefore a need to inform and promote career development among Singaporeans.

Due to constant evolution of career practices to suit different sectors of the population, career practitioners must be equipped with best practices to provide efficacious career services to their clients, and this learning could be shared within the PCDA community.

It is also important that PCDA encourages and sustains the members’ interests in career development among like-minded individuals and career practitioners.


PCDA envisions having a positive impact on different sectors of the Singapore’s society through career development advocacy and interventions. Individuals are encouraged to aim for more satisfying careers, as well as develop holistically, the “people” aspect alluded to in the Association’s name.

PCDA also hopes to be able to work with societies beyond Singapore to advocate and engage them on the benefits of career development.


President's Message

Dear Career Development Practitioners

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our newly revamped website!

We are excited with its many new features, and hope you will take time to browse through it and get better acquainted with the People and Career Development Association (PCDA)!

PCDA is planning many activities and events to promote career development in Singapore, and further enhance our career development practices. They include master classes, seminars, workshops, talks and Community of Practice activities, and will be announced in this website for your information and registration.  

The support of the career development community is important to PCDA, and we are glad that our community comprises not only Career Practitioners, but also others who are interested and want to know more about career development.

So do visit our website for regular updates, and we also look forward to your participation at our PCDA events and joining our community!

Your sincerely,

Wong Sing Chee (Ms)

PCDA Founding President