PCDA is pleased to invite Dr Constance Pritchard 



The 4S’s Meet Reality:  Guiding our Clients through Career Transitions


Just how do we assist our clients with transitions that result from their career plans?  Guided by two post modern theorists we can offer structure and support for our clients.


Career theorists Schlossberg has provided us a simple and remarkable model for working with clients in transition.  In this webinar, we will review several models that can assist us as we work with clients as they move from what was to what will be. We will also enhance the 4S’s by overlaying it with thoughts from organizational development theorist William Bridges. His work in transition can help us to understand our clients’ emotional journey to their future. 


To enhance our learning, come prepared to share an exercise, your favorite questions, or a technique that has worked for you in assisting clients in transition. 


Save the date : 22 Oct, 8pm Singapore time

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